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Lake Almanor

       Lake Almanor Country Club
Physical and mailing address: 
501 Peninsula Drive
   Lake Almanor, CA 96137
    FAX 530-596-3877
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    Contact the Clifford Gate
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President, LACC Board of Directors:  Eric Rudgers
LACC General Manager Scott Devereaux

             Emergency and Important LACC Numbers

 Emergency (Fire or Health)  911
 Security  530-259-5320
 Administrative Office  530-596-3282
 Clifford Gate  530-259-5320
 Maintenance/Road Dept  530-259-3901
 Clifford's Restaurant  530-259-2026
 Sugar Pine Lounge  530-259-5440
 Golf Shop  530-259-2868
 Recreation Center  530-259-3656
 Fire Hall #2  530-259-2306
 LACC Mutual Water Company  530-259-2161
 Feather River Disposal  800-300-1046
 Cal Neva Broadband (Cable TV)  866-330-2028
 PG&E  800-743-5000
   Susanville Office
 Plumas County Sheriff Dispatch  530-283-6300