LACC Board of Directors

LACC Board of Directors
Sixteen active, standing committees of volunteers support the LACC Board of Directors and special ad-hoc committees are established when necessary. A list of current committee members is available at the LACC office. Volunteers are frequently needed and residents are encouraged to consider serving their community as a member of a committee.    


Board / Committee

A. Board of Directors
A volunteer seven-member board of directors governs the Lake Almanor Country Club, with each member serving a three-year term. A written ballot is mailed to all members each July for the election of... [more]

Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Cliff Shelton - Completion of an application and plan approval by the Architectural Committee is required prior to beginning any construction in LACC. Section 6 of LACC Rules and... [more]

Board of Control
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Tracy Thurber - This committee has dual functions. It provides the judicial functions as established in Section 7.3 of the Rules and Regulations and imposes penalties for... [more]

Clubhouse Committee

Clubhouse Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Joanne Ness - The Clubhouse Committee provides the General Manager and the Board of Directors with reports, recommendations and suggestions related to Clubhouse operations. The... [more]

Election Committee
INSPECTOR -- Charlene Ferguson -The Election Committee shall assist the General Manager and the Board of Directors in the fair and impartial conduct of the LACC Annual Board of Directors Election,... [more]

Finance Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Mac Hinman - Provide financial advice for the benefit of LACC members, to the Board of Directors as requested, and/or the General Manager, or as deemed prudent by the... [more]

Firewise Comittee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Barbara MacArthur - The Firewise Committee shall provide the General Manager and the Firewise Board of Directors (who also serve as the LACC Board of Directors) with suggestions... [more]

Golf Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Rich Moore - The Golf Committee represents the membership-at-large in identifying golf facility maintenance and improvement requirements. They conduct studies and assist in making... [more]

Long Range Planning Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Mark Crager - Long Range Planning provides an overview of the development of LACC facilities and conducts studies to identify possible future needs that may require current... [more]

Newsletter Committee
EDITOR -- Jessie King - No Committee exists at this time. This committee assists in the preparation of the LACC Newsletter by writing or soliciting articles for inclusion in the Newsletter and by... [more]

Nominating Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Mac Hinman - The Nominating Committee is to actively search out candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors. They are to seek and encourage qualified LACC members in... [more]

Pickleball Committee
Two co-chairs. Mary Craig and Linda Rawson. Assisting the General Manager in formulating the annual operating budget and determining capital improvement expenditures, the Pickleball Committee makes... [more]

Security Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Phil Culcasi - Working with the LACC General Manager and the Board of Directors, this committee maintains an overview of LACC security requirements, operations and results and... [more]

Tennis Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Kristy Cox - Assisting the General Manager in formulating the annual operating budget and determining capital improvement expenditures, the Tennis Committee makes semi-annual... [more]