LACC Board of Directors and Supporting Committees
LACC Board of Directors
LACC Board of Directors Meeting
Sixteen active, standing committees of volunteers support the LACC Board of Directors and special ad-hoc committees are established when necessary. A list of current committee members is available at the LACC office. Volunteers are frequently needed and residents are encouraged to consider serving their community as a member of a committee.


Board / Committee

A. Board of Directors
A volunteer seven-member board of directors governs the Lake Almanor Country Club, with each member serving a three-year term. A written ballot is mailed to all members each July for the election of... [more]

Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Cliff Shelton - Completion of an application and plan approval by the Architectural Committee is required prior to beginning any construction in LACC. Section 6 of LACC Rules and... [more]

Board of Control
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Tracy Thurber - This committee has dual functions. It provides the judicial functions as established in Section 7.3 of the Rules and Regulations and imposes penalties for... [more]

Clubhouse Committee

Clubhouse Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Donna Smith - The Clubhouse Committee provides the General Manager and the Board of Directors with reports, recommendations and suggestions related to Clubhouse operations. The... [more]

Election Committee
INSPECTOR -- Paul Gray -The Election Committee shall assist the General Manager and the Board of Directors in the fair and impartial conduct of the LACC Annual Board of Directors Election, LACC... [more]

Finance Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Maureen Vatcher - Provide financial advice for the benefit of LACC members, to the Board of Directors as requested, and/or the General Manager, or as deemed prudent by the... [more]

Firewise Comittee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Barbara MacArthur - The Firewise Committee shall provide the General Manager and the Firewise Board of Directors (who also serve as the LACC Board of Directors) with suggestions... [more]

Golf Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Roger Smith - The Golf Committee represents the membership-at-large in identifying golf facility maintenance and improvement requirements. They conduct studies and assist in... [more]

Long Range Planning Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Linda Brown - Long Range Planning provides an overview of the development of LACC facilities and conducts studies to identify possible future needs that may require current... [more]

Newsletter Committee
EDITOR -- Carolyn Stillman - This committee assists in the preparation of the LACC Newsletter by writing or soliciting articles for inclusion in the Newsletter and by reviewing and editing articles,... [more]

Nominating Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Mac Hinman - The Nominating Committee is to actively search out candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors. They are to seek and encourage qualified LACC members in... [more]

Security Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- John Davenport - Working with the LACC General Manager and the Board of Directors, this committee maintains an overview of LACC security requirements, operations and results and... [more]

Tennis Committee
COMMITTEE CHAIR -- Dave Galpine - Assisting the General Manager in formulating the annual operating budget and determining capital improvement expenditures, the Tennis Committee makes semi-annual... [more]